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At the University of California, Riverside (UCR), we’re committed to empowering our researchers with the most advanced computational resources and support services. Our mission is to drive innovation, facilitate groundbreaking research, and foster an environment where academic excellence thrives.

Research Computing Resources and Support

Discover a wide array of computational tools and platforms tailored to support your research endeavors. Through our sidebar navigation, and in the table below, you can explore our offerings:

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Compute Storage Support
HPCC HPCC-GPFS Research Infrastructure Support
Ursa Major Ursa Major Data Ursa Major Support
NRP Nautilus Cluster Ceph Secure Research Storage Lab Support
ACCESS Program Google Drive Research Computing Consultation
Open Science Grid GCS and AWS S3 Software and Application Support
AWS Enterprise Discount Program Dryad Grant Collaboration
GCP Enterprise Discount Program Backup Workshops and Webinars
Individual GCP Subscription Agreements   Online Courses
AWS Cloud Credits   Documentation and Guides
GCP Cloud Credits    

Flexable Cost Models

The University of California, Riverside (UCR) provides a comprehensive and flexible approach to funding and cost models for research computing, designed to support the diverse needs of the research community. Here’s an overview of the available cost models:

  • System-Wide Discounted Rates: UCR has established agreements with major cloud service providers (AWS, GCP, Azure) to offer cloud computing resources at reduced rates, benefiting the entire UCR community.
  • UCR Subsidized Access: Certain resources and services, including cloud computing resources and high-performance computing platforms, are provided at no cost to end users, subsidized by UCR to support academic and research projects.
  • Condo Model: This collaborative model allows faculty and departments to contribute financially to HPC resources in exchange for priority access and a portion of the computing capacity, promoting efficient resource use and community investment in research infrastructure.
  • No-Cost Access: Specific initiatives, such as the Ursa Major project in partnership with GCP, provide cutting-edge computing tools and services at no cost, aiming to revolutionize research computing at UCR.
  • Direct Cost Options: For projects requiring specialized or additional resources, direct cost options are available, offering project-specific funding solutions to meet unique research needs.

Training, Workshops, and Resources

The University of California, Riverside (UCR) is dedicated to empowering its research community by offering comprehensive training and educational resources in research computing. Our aim is to boost the skills and knowledge of our researchers, facilitating their effective use of advanced computing tools and technologies. Below is a summary of the training opportunities available:

  • Workshop Series: A series of workshops introducing various aspects of research computing, covering topics from high-performance computing (HPC) and cloud computing platforms to programming languages, data analysis, and machine learning.
  • Online Learning Resources: A wealth of online tutorials, courses, and documentation is available for self-paced learning in research computing, covering a wide range of topics suitable for the diverse schedules and learning styles of our community.
  • Documentation and Guides: Researchers can access a comprehensive collection of guides, tutorials, and documentation designed to support both research computing and cloud computing projects, helping to advance their work.

Research Computing Facilitation

UCR Research Computing provides one-on-one facilitation services to assist researchers in identifying the most appropriate computing resources, optimizing their research workflows, and overcoming technical challenges. Our facilitators work closely with researchers to ensure they can effectively apply the skills learned in training to their research projects.

Getting Started

To learn more about upcoming workshops, access online learning resources, or request a specialized training session, please visit the support section of the Research Computing website or contact our support team. We are here to support your research computing needs and help you achieve your academic and research goals.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact us at:

research-computing@ucr.edu - UCR Research Computing Slack

Welcome to the future of research computing at UCR. Let’s innovate together.