Research Lab Support

At the University of California, Riverside (UCR), our Research Computing Service is dedicated to enhancing research environments in both laboratory and field settings. Our goal is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of research projects by leveraging our technical expertise to create environments that foster innovation and academic excellence.

  • Computing Infrastructure Design: We offer custom computing setup designs tailored to the specific needs of research labs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Software Installation and Configuration: Our team assists with the installation and configuration of specialized software, including computational tools, data analysis packages, and custom applications.
  • Network Configuration: We provide support for configuring lab networks, facilitating secure and efficient data transfer and access to computing resources.
  • Data Storage Solutions: Secure and scalable data storage solutions are offered, tailored to the specific data needs and compliance requirements of research labs.
  • Data Workflow Design: We design and implement efficient data workflows, from collection and storage to analysis and sharing, optimizing the data lifecycle in research projects.

Collaborative Approach to Support

Our support model emphasizes collaboration and understanding. We engage directly with researchers and lab personnel to identify challenges and develop tailored solutions that enhance research outcomes. Our team is committed to providing the technical expertise and resources necessary for your lab to excel in its research endeavors.

Get Started

To discover how our Research Lab Support services can benefit your lab or to discuss specific requirements, please reach out to us:

We are here to empower your research with the necessary computing resources and support, aiming to achieve excellence and innovation in all research activities. Let’s work together to enhance the impact of your research.