UCR Research Computing On-Premises Facilities

The University of California, Riverside (UCR) is equipped with state-of-the-art on-premises data centers and facilities, designed to support the advanced computing needs of our vibrant research community. These facilities, including the Campus Data Center, Bourns College of Engineering Data Center, and the Genomics Data Center, play a pivotal role in enabling high-performance computing, data storage, and collaborative research projects across disciplines.

Campus Data Center in the School of Medicine Education Building (SOM DC)

  • Location: School of Medicine Education Building
  • Overview: Serving as the nucleus of research computing at UCR, this facility is currently undergoing modernization to meet the growing demands of the university’s research initiatives. It is being equipped with advanced storage nodes to enhance data accessibility and computational efficiency for researchers across all disciplines.
  • Features:
    • Integration of advanced storage solutions
    • 500 kW of battery-backed power
    • Campus chilled water cooling system for efficient temperature management

Bourns College of Engineering Data Center (BCOE DC) in Chung Hall

  • Location: Chung Hall, Bourns College of Engineering
  • Overview: Dedicated to supporting the engineering research community, this facility provides essential computational resources and storage capabilities. It is strategically equipped to ensure that engineering researchers have seamless access to the tools and data necessary for their projects.
  • Features:
    • Hosting of storage nodes for the proposed solution
    • Approximately 200 kW power capacity
    • Hosting half of the Ceph storage solution

Genomics Data Center

  • Overview: With the HPCC’s transition to the newly renovated School of Medicine Data Center (SOMDC), the Genomics Data Center’s future role is under consideration. It currently supports a significant portion of HPCC’s operations, with a power capacity of about 250 kW.
  • Features:
    • Potential reevaluation of its function with HPCC’s move
High-Performance Computing Center (HPCC) Transition to SOMDC
  • New Location: School of Medicine Data Center (SOMDC)
  • Overview: The HPCC is set to move to the SOMDC, which has been recently renovated to offer top-notch facilities for research computing. This move signifies a strategic enhancement of UCR’s computing capabilities to support data-intensive research.
  • Features:
    • 500 kW of battery-backed power
    • Advanced cooling with campus chilled water
    • Hosting of additional research clusters and Ceph storage
Additional Research Clusters and Infrastructure in SOMDC
  • Research Clusters: SOMDC hosts seven research clusters owned by researchers and supported by Research Computing via the RCSAS, highlighting the collaborative nature of UCR’s research computing efforts.
  • Core Networking: The facility houses the core routing and networking equipment for the Science DMZ, facilitating high-speed data transfer and connectivity within the research network.
  • Nautilus Cluster Nodes: Four nodes within the SOMDC are part of the Nautilus Cluster, enhancing UCR’s participation in distributed high-throughput computing networks.

UCR’s on-premises facilities are a cornerstone of our research computing infrastructure, providing the necessary resources to propel our research community towards achieving groundbreaking discoveries and technological advancements. For more information or assistance regarding our facilities and services, please contact the UCR Research Computing team at research-computing@ucr.edu.

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