Grant Collaboration

At the University of California, Riverside (UCR), our commitment extends beyond providing cutting-edge computational resources. We aim to support our researchers in securing and managing grants effectively through a collaborative and resource-rich environment.

Strategic Partnerships

We facilitate strong partnerships between researchers and our Research Computing team to ensure projects are well-supported from conception through execution. This synergy is crucial for crafting compelling grant proposals and achieving project success.

Advanced Computational Resources

UCR’s array of computational resources, including high-performance computing (HPC) platforms and our Ursa Major project with Google Cloud Platform, caters to the varied needs of our research community. These resources are vital for enhancing research efficiency and innovation, significantly benefiting grant proposals.

Premier Campus Facilities

Our state-of-the-art campus facilities, including the Campus Data Center, Bourns College of Engineering Data Center, and the Genomics Data Center, support a wide range of research activities across disciplines at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). These on-premises data centers are outfitted with the latest in computing and storage technology to meet the diverse needs of UCR’s vibrant research community. Upgrades and modernization efforts, particularly at the School of Medicine Education Building’s Data Center, aim to enhance data accessibility and computational efficiency. Tailored to facilitate specific areas of research, these facilities offer resources such as high-performance computing, efficient cooling systems, and robust power capacities. The relocation of the High-Performance Computing Center to the newly renovated School of Medicine Data Center represents a significant enhancement of our computing infrastructure, enabling support for data-intensive research through additional clusters and improved networking capabilities. These premier facilities exemplify UCR’s dedication to promoting research excellence and innovation, providing an optimal environment for collaboration and technological progress. For more detailed information, please refer to our UCR Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources document or visit our on-prem facilities page.

UCR Research Network Map (Note: Google Maps access requires a personal account login; UCR Google Accounts may not have access.)

Grant Resources

Focused Grant Opportunities

The University of California Riverside (UCR) is dedicated to advancing its research capabilities and infrastructure, recognizing the vital role that cutting-edge cyberinfrastructure plays in achieving academic excellence and innovation. In alignment with our strategic goals to enhance research productivity, collaboration, and outcomes, we are actively pursuing opportunities for growth and development through various grant programs. Our commitment is to not only maintain our status as a leading research institution but also to propel UCR to new heights by leveraging the latest in technology and cyber resources.

To this end, UCR’s research computing strategy includes a focused interest in the following standing grant opportunities, which align with our mission to foster an environment of innovation and high-caliber research:

UCR’s strategic interest in these grant opportunities reflects our commitment to leveraging national and international programs to enhance our research computing infrastructure and capabilities. Through these endeavors, we aim to not only support our current research needs but also anticipate and prepare for the future demands of scientific inquiry. Our goal is to create a robust, secure, and innovative research environment that fosters discovery, learning, and collaboration at the highest levels.