High-Performance Computing Center (HPCC)

The High-Performance Computing Center (HPCC) at UCR is a pivotal resource offering state-of-the-art research computing infrastructure and training at a low cost to all UCR researchers and affiliates. Supporting over 150 research groups and more than 800 active users, the HPCC is extensively utilized for both research and instruction across various disciplines, including computational studies, statistics, life sciences, and engineering.

Recently, the HPCC received a significant boost with an MRI equipment grant from the NSF, totaling $942,829, for the acquisition of a Big Data HPC Cluster, further enhancing its capabilities.

Users can easily access HPCC’s resources, which include over 16,000 CPU cores, significant RAM per node, advanced GPUs, and a high-speed IB network, through user account creation, with detailed instructions and support readily available. The center also offers a comprehensive manual, workshop schedules, and infrastructure descriptions to aid users in making the most of the facilities for their research projects. For additional assistance, the HPCC provides support through forums, email, and Slack, ensuring that users have all the necessary tools and guidance to advance their research endeavors.