Dryad is a research data repository that allows UCR researchers to publish and archive their data for enhanced discoverability and compliance. This platform supports the principles of open science by making research data accessible to the broader scientific community, facilitating collaboration and contributing to the advancement of knowledge.

Dryad empowers UCR researchers by archiving and making their research data openly accessible, aligning with open science principles for global collaboration and accelerated discovery.

Highlights of Dryad

  • Broad Domain Support: Accepts data across all research fields, especially benefiting areas without specialized repositories. Learn more
  • Creative Commons Licensing: Advocates for CC0 licensing, promoting unrestricted use and easier citation of research data. View licensing details
  • Enhanced Discoverability: Through data curation and publishing services, Dryad increases the visibility and impact of research data within the academic community. Discover published datasets
  • Commitment to Open Science: Collaborates with organizations to link datasets with broader research outputs, embodying a comprehensive approach to open science. Explore Dryad’s open science initiatives
  • Visit Dryad: To start sharing and discovering research data, click here.

Getting Started with Dryad

  1. Evaluate Your Data: Consider the scope and field of your research data to ensure it aligns with Dryad’s submission criteria.
  2. Prepare Your Data: Use Dryad’s data curation services to ensure your data meets quality, accessibility, and licensing standards.
  3. Submit Your Data: Follow the straightforward submission process to publish your data on Dryad, receiving a DOI for enhanced discoverability and citation.
  4. Engage with the Community: Leverage Dryad’s platform to connect with a global network of researchers, fostering collaboration and furthering scientific inquiry.

Dryad stands at the forefront of the open science movement, providing a pivotal platform where freely available data propels innovation and societal progress. By participating, UCR researchers contribute to a more open, collaborative, and impactful research ecosystem.