NRP Nautilus Cluster

The Nautilus Cluster is a key component of the National Research Platform (NRP), a collaborative initiative led by researchers at UC San Diego, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and UC Berkeley. Supported by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy, the NRP aims to provide specialized IT infrastructure to foster scientific exploration and discovery.

Nautilus, a HyperCluster designed for running containerized Big Data applications, leverages Kubernetes (K8S) for managing applications and Rook for Ceph data services automation. It features CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and a federated national-scale CDN, offering diverse computational resources for various tasks.

  • Access: Users can access Nautilus using institutional credentials via CILogin.
  • Storage: Includes a Home File System with 1.6 PB capacity and Data Cache with 50TB each.

The NRP Nautilus Cluster, part of the National Research Platform, equips researchers with access to high-performance computational resources. It’s designed to support a wide array of computational tasks, excluding the storage of HIPAA, PID, FISMA, FERPA, or protected data.

Getting Started

Contact us to get started and learn more: - UCR Research Computing Slack

Afterword you can access the system with the following:


Enhance your Nautilus skills with tutorials covering a range of topics:


  • Beginner start, Intermediate, and Performance tutorials help users from all levels optimize their projects on the cluster.



  • Explore storage options and managing data effectively on Nautilus.


The NRP Nautilus Cluster is a comprehensive platform for advancing computational research, offering a rich set of resources and support to ensure researchers can achieve their project goals efficiently.