Research Infrastructure Support

The University of California, Riverside (UCR) is committed to advancing its research capabilities through dedicated support for on-premises research clusters and major research computing systems. Our Research Computing System Administration Service (RCSAS), focuses on the design, construction, and administration of these critical infrastructures to enhance security, reliability, and innovation across various research domains.

Research Computing System Administration Service (RCSAS)

RCSAS plays a pivotal role in supporting UCR faculty and researchers by managing the backbone of our research infrastructure—on-prem research clusters and major computing systems. This initiative aims to consolidate support for campus research systems, ensuring they meet the highest standards of security and performance.

  • Purpose: RCSAS is dedicated to constructing and managing robust research computing environments that meet the specific needs of UCR’s research community, emphasizing enhanced security and innovation.
  • Scope: Our service encompasses the entire lifecycle of research computing systems, from initial design to ongoing administration, excluding backups and hardware hosting.
  • Responsibilities: The division of responsibilities between Research Computing and researchers ensures a collaborative approach to system design, software management, and troubleshooting.
  • Stakeholders: Leadership includes Charles Greer, Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Research, and Chuck Forsyth, Director of Research Computing, among others.


Research Objectives

  • Extend RCSAS support to encompass all faculty and researchers at UCR.
  • Optimize research outcomes by providing robust computing infrastructure.
  • Minimize administrative overhead for researchers, allowing greater focus on their research.
  • Elevate the security posture of campus research systems to mitigate risks.

Technology Objectives

  • Implement standardized hardware and software configurations to streamline system design and construction.
  • Ensure all research computing systems comply with IS-3 P2 Security controls or higher.
  • Leverage scalable administration tools and knowledge bases for efficient support.

In-Scope Activities

  • Architecting and deploying on-prem research clusters and major computing systems tailored to research needs.
  • Achieving UC Security Level P2 standards or higher for all systems.
  • Standardizing approaches to identity and access management, as well as software lifecycle management.

Out-of-Scope Activities

  • Provision of backup and recovery services.
  • Configurations requiring IS-3 P4 control standards, unless covered by a specific MOU.
  • Supplying new or replacement hardware components.

Getting Started

To leverage RCSAS for your research computing needs, follow these steps:

  1. Initial Contact: Reach out to Chuck Forsyth or your designated RCSAS contact to start the conversation.
  2. Requirement Evaluation: Discuss your specific research computing needs to determine how RCSAS can best support your projects.
  3. Service Engagement: Formalize your engagement through an MOU that outlines the scope of services and expectations.

RCSAS stands as a cornerstone for UCR’s research infrastructure, offering unparalleled support for research clusters and computing systems. For detailed information or to engage with RCSAS, refer to the official RCSAS MOU document.