UCR Research Computing Compute Resources

The University of California, Riverside (UCR) equips its research community with a comprehensive suite of computational resources to meet the varied demands of cutting-edge research. From local high-performance computing clusters to expansive national grid computing platforms and versatile cloud computing services, UCR ensures that researchers have the computational firepower needed to drive forward their innovative projects.

High-Performance Computing Center (HPCC)

UCR’s HPCC is a powerhouse for high-performance computing, equipped with thousands of CPUs and GPUs designed for demanding computational tasks and data analysis projects.

Ursa Major & Cloud Computing

In collaboration with Google Cloud Platform, Ursa Major offers state-of-the-art cloud computing resources, such as auto-scaling compute clusters and advanced machine learning services.


The ACCESS program provides UCR researchers with access to computational resources on a national scale, supporting grand scientific inquiries.

Nautilus & Pacific Research Platform

Nautilus enables fast data transfer and collaborative research, offering resources tailored for data-intensive science.

  • For: Researchers in collaborative projects within the Pacific Research Platform.
  • Learn about Nautilus

Open Science Grid (OSG)

OSG provides distributed high-throughput computing resources across various scientific domains, facilitating a broad spectrum of research projects.

GCP and AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP)

Secure cloud computing services at reduced rates from Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, enhancing your research with cloud capabilities.

Cloud Credits for Research

GCP and AWS Cloud Credits offer financial support for your research, providing credits for cloud services to fuel your projects.

For guidance on selecting the right compute resource for your research or to request access, please contact the UCR Research Computing team at research-computing@ucr.edu. Our experts are here to support you in harnessing these powerful computational tools for your research endeavors.