Documentation and Guides

Welcome to our Documentation and Guides page. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of resources designed to support your research computing and cloud computing projects. Browse through our curated lists of guides, tutorials, and documentation to find the information you need to advance your work.

Getting Started Guides

Guide Title Description Link
Introduction to Research Computing A beginner’s guide to concepts and tools in research computing. View Guide
Getting Started with GCP Step-by-step instructions to set up your GCP account and start using cloud resources. View Guide
Basic HPC Usage Essentials for using high-performance computing systems effectively. View Guide


Tutorial Title Description Link
Data Analysis on GCP How to perform data analysis using GCP’s BigQuery and Data Studio. View Tutorial
HPC Job Scheduling Learn how to schedule and manage jobs in an HPC environment. View Tutorial
Secure Data Storage and Transfer Best practices for securely storing and transferring research data. View Tutorial
How-to host Offline LLMs Learn how to host offline language models on GCP. View Tutorial

Reference Documentation

Document Title Description Link
GCP Documentation Comprehensive documentation for all GCP services and tools. Access Documentation
HPC Systems User Guide Detailed guide on using HPC systems, including command references and examples. Access Guide
Research Software Directory A catalog of software tools and libraries commonly used in research computing. View Directory

Best Practices

Best Practice Guide Description Link
Cloud Cost Management Tips and strategies for managing cloud computing costs effectively. View Guide
Data Security in Research Computing Guidelines for ensuring data security in your research computing projects. View Guide
Collaborative Research using Cloud Platforms How to use cloud platforms to facilitate collaboration in research projects. View Guide