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Welcome to our Research Computing and Cloud Computing Training Hub, your go-to resource for enhancing your skills in high-performance computing, cloud computing with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and other research technologies. Explore our curated collection of courses, tutorials, and video resources designed to support your research endeavors.

Online Tutorials

We’ll update these often. Check back often for the latest resources.

  1. Google’s Machine Learning Crash Course: A practical introduction to machine learning featuring video lectures, real-world case studies, and hands-on practice.
  2. GeeksforGeeks Machine Learning Tutorial: This tutorial covers the basic and advanced concepts of machine learning, including supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning, with a focus on Python implementation.

Tutorial Videos

Watch our selection of tutorial videos to get started with GCP and HPC, featuring step-by-step guides and best practices.

Video Title Description Link
Getting Started with GCP A beginner’s guide to setting up and navigating GCP. Getting Started with GCP
HPC Best Practices Tips for optimizing your computing tasks on HPC environments. HPC Workload Optimization
Machine Learning with GCP Learn how to implement machine learning models using GCP. Machine Learning with GCP

Curated YouTube Playlists

Discover more through our curated playlists, compiling valuable video content from trusted sources on GCP, HPC, and research computing. We’re constantly updating and adding new content, so check back often to find the latest resources.

Other Online Course Locations

Discover a broad range of courses on top online education platforms, covering topics like high-performance computing, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), data science, and beyond. Ideal for beginners or those seeking to deepen their expertise, these platforms offer essential resources for advancing your knowledge.

  • Coursera: Partners with universities and organizations worldwide to offer courses on subjects like cloud computing and data analysis. Notable courses include GCP fundamentals and HPC specialization tracks.
  • edX: Provides a wide range of quality courses from global institutions, covering computer science, data analysis, and research methodologies.
  • Udacity: Specializes in technology courses offering intensive learning experiences. Their Nanodegree programs in cloud computing, data science, and artificial intelligence are aimed at providing learners with job-ready skills.
  • LinkedIn Learning: Offers courses in cloud computing, software development, and more, focusing on professional development and career advancement.
  • Khan Academy: A no-cost option offering computer science and computing courses that cover fundamentals, ideal for beginners.
  • YouTube Educational Channels: Features numerous channels offering free tutorials and lectures on GCP, HPC, and research computing, enabling learning at one’s own pace.

Leverage these platforms to complement your learning experience, broaden your skills, and stay updated with the latest advancements in research computing and cloud technologies.

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